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As a market leader in the Tanzanian banking sector, NMB relies on people and their commitment to achieve our mission of providing access to a full range of financial services to the rural and (peri)-urban population in Tanzania, in a sustainable and viable way. Thus we are looking for ambitious and pro-active candidates who can actively participate in a fast paced changing environment at NMB


Are you interested in taking the next step towards a career with NMB? If you are and have:


  1. Excellent Communication skills (both written and spoken) in English & Swahili
  2. Excellent customer service knowledge and ability to impart positive customer relations
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills
  4. Ability to work in a multicultural, team based environment
  5. Ability to take initiative and aptitude for quick learning

On top of your experience and academic qualifications, please send your resume and your cover letter to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Recruitment at NMB

National Microfinance Bank PLC is an equal opportunity employer; all applicants can directly apply to NMB. We conform to a recruitment process that fairly evaluates all applicants. Suitable candidates may also be sourced through recruitment agencies, relevant academic, professional and vocational institutions. We encourage all applications to be sent via our recruitment e-mail.

Applying for a position and the selection process

Once you have sent in your application, our recruitment team will go through your CV and cover letter to match your skills to the position you have applied for. If you qualify for a first interview, you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone to arrange an appointment for an interview. We will try our best to give feedback to potential applicants within two weeks. If you are successful on your first interview, you may be invited to attend a second interview, or some additional evaluation procedures, depending on the position as well as the requirements of the particular business unit. At the interview we will be interested in your professional experience and skills as well as your personal predisposition

Active Jobs

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