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Your future begins here

NMB is committed to helping our clients and our employees achieve their ambitions. To accomplish this, we need individuals with creative and innovative solutions who are willing to go the extra mile for their future, our clients and the bank. In order to achieve this, we promise to provide you with a world of opportunities for personal growth within a culture that is based on co-operation at every section of our business countrywide. We know that we accomplish more together than alone.



Do our values match your ambitions?

If the answer is yes, then you can express your interest by detailing your experience, qualifications and preference in your application for a great career opportunity with us. You can use our job search to view available positions and apply for a job once you find a position that interests you.

Your development is our focus

At NMB, we believe that personal and career development is important and we therefore give you the chance to develop your skills and fully utilize your potential so that you can perform your role with pleasure, satisfaction and recognition.

As Tanzania’s leading retail banks with over 175 branches in the country and over 3000 employees, there are various opportunities to be part of this great network and great bank. Each employee is encouraged to establish a personal development plan together with his/her manager. We believe ambition and action brings forth development.  

Work with us

NMB is an equal opportunity employer. NMB uses creative recruitment practices that ensure all applicants are carefully evaluated.

  • USD: 2,279
  • GBP : 2,917
  • EUR : 2,449
  • JPY : 24
  • ZAR : 190
  • KES : 25
  • UGX: 0.7194
  • AUD: 1,735
  • CAD: 1,710
  • CHF: 2,298
  • CNY: 345
  • DKK: 343
  • NOK: 283
  • SEK: 270
  • USD: 2,159
  • GBP : 2,763
  • EUR : 2,320
  • JPY : 18
  • ZAR : 150
  • KES : 20
  • UGX: 0.5194
  • AUD: 1,635
  • CAD: 1,610
  • CHF: 2,198
  • CNY: 305
  • DKK: 303
  • NOK: 243
  • SEK: 230
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