NMB offers, through its core banking system, bills payment by cash and or by account transfer. With bills payment capability, NMB is now able to accommodate customers’ longstanding reconciliation issues. The service is also available through NMB internet banking.

Product Benefits

  • Customized statement  - Different customers have different reconciliation requirements. Some requires a lot of information some don’t. So, to accommodate either type, bills payment has the capability to capture up to 10 information requirements.


  • Improved reconciliation Process - Bills payment report is designed to capture the above information that a normal account statement will not be able to contain, hence improving the reconciliation process for the customer. 


  • System Integration - Bills payment facilitates NMB with direct systems integration with our business partners. 

Below are types of customers that may benefit from this product:

  • Universities,
  • Utility companies,
  • TRA eg. Motor vehicle licensing,
  • Manufacturing companies, and
  • Any other customer that requires transactions information for reconciliation purposes.