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NMB wins for the third year in a row

Dar es Salaam, August 4, 2015… NMB has been recognized as the Best Bank in Tanzania by Euromoney the leading global financial markets magazine at the Euromoney 2015 Awards for Excellence held in London at the Natural History Museum on Thursday, July 09, 2015 for the third year in a row.


The Managing Director of NMB, Ineke Bussemaker who announced the award said that; these annual awards cover more than 20 global product categories, best-in-class awards in all regions and the best banks in close to 100 countries around the world.  It recognizes financial institutions worldwide that have recorded significant feats within their operating environments, continuously display innovation and record excellent financial performance year on year, with a panel of distinguished local and international judges from various professional backgrounds deciding on the winners from a number of submissions from around the world.


“The Best Bank in Tanzania award is a testament to NMB’s sound business model and exceptional performance that the Bank has achieved across its core Retail, SME, Corporate and Agribusiness segments. In addition to having the largest branch network in Tanzania, new technologies such as mobile banking, integration with mobile network e-money offerings and the largest ATM network in the country play a key role in its expansion.


In the last 12 months, the Bank has introduced innovative products and services including the recently launched NMB MasterCard and continued to meet its customer and clients' savings, transactional and financing needs in urban and rural areas. As a Tanzanian bank, and banking over 2 million customers, NMB's strategy demonstrates a firm commitment to financial inclusion for the population as a whole.” Ineke said.


“This is a notable milestone for us and a tremendous achievement by everyone in the network,” said Ineke. “The fact that we are recognized as the Best Bank highlights the power of our fully integrated business, the strength of our local platform and the commitment of our team” she added.


Ineke goes on to say that this award adds to the more than ten awards that NMB has won in the last two years.We have The Bank of the Year in Tanzania by The Banker magazine, while Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) awarded it as the Most Compliant Taxpayer in the Financial Sector. Euromoney also named NMB as the Best Bank in Tanzania in 2013, while the independent Superbrand Council based in Kenya named it the premier banking brand in Tanzania and among the top 20 brands in Tanzania for 2013/14.  In 2014 are The Banker Africa Magazine also named NMB as the Best Commercial Bank in East Africa, the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) awarded NMB with Best Presented Financial Statements in the Banking category.  This year, Banker Africa Magazine – East Africa Banking Awards named NMB the Best Commercial Bank and in 2015.


About Euromoney

Euromoney magazine was created in 1969 to cover the re-emergence of the international cross-border capital markets. The euro market, after which the magazine is named, is the predecessor to today's mainstream global capital markets. Euromoney reported on, and championed, this market and its growth, in the process becoming the prime magazine of the wholesale financial world, its institutions and its users. 

Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence cover more than 20 global product categories, best-in-class awards in all regions and the best banks in close to 100 countries around the world.


24 Jan, 2017

National Microfinance Bank Plc. (“NMB”) assigned a first-time credit rating by Moody’s Investors Services on 20 January 2017.

NMB is pleased to announce that it has been assigned a first-time credit rating by Moody’s Investors Services of B1 Stable, b1. This places NMB the highest among its peers in the region as well as a number of other African banks (excluding South Africa). 

11 Jan, 2017



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  • USD: 2,286
  • GBP : 2,881
  • EUR : 2,425
  • JPY : 23
  • ZAR : 193
  • KES : 25
  • UGX: 0.7237
  • AUD: 1,768
  • CAD: 1,756
  • CHF: 2,276
  • CNY: 345
  • DKK: 399
  • NOK: 289
  • SEK: 269
  • USD: 2,166
  • GBP : 2,720
  • EUR : 2,298
  • JPY : 17
  • ZAR : 153
  • KES : 20
  • UGX: 0.5237
  • AUD: 1,668
  • CAD: 1,656
  • CHF: 2,176
  • CNY: 305
  • DKK: 299
  • NOK: 249
  • SEK: 229
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