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This is the transactional account for our corporate customers. Customers can use the NMB Business Account for payments, withdrawals, transfers, standing orders options, deposits as well as access to NMB internet banking facilities. As your account becomes more active, you stand at a greater chance to access higher credit limits to support your business. The product also offers cheque book to smoothen business transactions. 


It can be offered in TZS and foreign currencies (USD, EURO and GBP) thus smoothen the foreign currency operations. Your access to NMB treasury products and international payment facilities will also become easy.


NMB customers can access our nationwide network with their Business Account. In addition, your customers can make deposits into your account easily, wherever in Tanzania they may be. We provide waiver for some charges to corporate customers to support their operations smoothly.


The business account also gives you access to the NMB overdraft facility, for which you can apply separately


If you are not yet an NMB customer, you are required to bring:

  • 2 passport photographs of authorized signatories
  • 2 references (from NMB Customers)
  • An opening balance of TZS 100,000/=

If you are interested in this product, please contact your nearest NMB branch. You can use the branch finder on this website to find the one closest to you


Includes short term (1-12 months), medium as well as long term. Typical projects supported through this fund include capital expenditure such as  purchase, renovation or extension of tangible assets such as business premises and the building up of distribution networks.


Specific Benefit –Loans 

  • Credit facility is reduced as repayment is done and hence reduces the liability.
  • Flexible repayment tenor to accommodate ability of business project being financed.
  • Helps NMB customer  to know the interest expenses from the beginning of loan servicing  
  • Helps to manage liquidity of the business as it may be used to finance of capital expenditure instead of using own working capital.



Ideal for businesses with temporary or fluctuating borrowing requirements as it gives you the convenience of having standby liquidity available. Your relationship manager will arrange a quick decision on an overdraft request for your corporate current account and agree your borrowing limit.


Specific Benefit – Overdrafts

  • Pay interest according to your level of utilization.
  • Enhance liquidity position of your business.
  • Convenience of having standby liquidity available to use when needed. 
  • Possibility of temporary excess in case of emergence in business dynamics 



One that is provided by a group of lenders and is structured, arranged, and administered by one or several commercial banks or investment banks known as arrangers. NMB PLC takes part in various syndicated deals to enable our clients fulfill business requirements that requires large–scale financing


Specific Benefit – Syndications

  • Enables our corporate Securing financing at prevailing market interest rates
  • Unifying the terms of transactions with financial other institutions. 
  • Facilitating the raising of large–scale financing to meet criterion of singe borrower’s  regulations 
  • Enabling the smooth transfer of financial transactions when restructuring your business


  • USD: 2,279
  • GBP : 2,917
  • EUR : 2,449
  • JPY : 24
  • ZAR : 190
  • KES : 25
  • UGX: 0.7194
  • AUD: 1,735
  • CAD: 1,710
  • CHF: 2,298
  • CNY: 345
  • DKK: 343
  • NOK: 283
  • SEK: 270
  • USD: 2,159
  • GBP : 2,763
  • EUR : 2,320
  • JPY : 18
  • ZAR : 150
  • KES : 20
  • UGX: 0.5194
  • AUD: 1,635
  • CAD: 1,610
  • CHF: 2,198
  • CNY: 305
  • DKK: 303
  • NOK: 243
  • SEK: 230
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